Friday, October 28, 2005

Aloha Friday Cookery Book Review

The Gourmet Detective series
by Peter King

I am a lover of mysteries. I am a lover of good food. The Gourmet Detective series by Peter King is a perfect blend of both.

King's series begins with The Gourmet Detective, and features an un-named gourmand whose enviable profession is to seek out hard-to-find food items, investigate alternative ingredients, and undertake any other kind of food/wine related research. The "detective" is quick to note that he is not a licensed investigator, but that doesn't keep him from tripping over bodies and getting himself involved in murder mysteries on a regular basis. In the midst of the excitement of the case, he still manages to eat and drink well, and to appreciate the mobs of beautiful women who seem to throw themselves into his path. The Gourmet Detective always solves the mystery (sometimes in spite of himself, it would seem) and manages to stay well fed.

I really like this series because the protagonist is a very likeable, self-effacing person who is able to solve his mysteries without taking himself too seriously. I also LOVE the food descriptions that are scattered throughout each volume. The detective is able to consume 3 square (and often elaborate) meals a day no matter how busy he is!

King's series now includes 8 volumes, all of which should be available at your local library. (sorry, I 'm a librarian and I have to throw that in).

Happy reading!
Happy eating!
(Hey! Quit drooling on that library book!)


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