Thursday, October 27, 2005

International Market Place food court

Last night my boyfriend Zach and I met in Waikiki for dinner. We decided to go to the food court at the International Marketplace so that we could do some quality people watching, save some money, and hang out.

It's really fun to go to the International Marketplace in the evening because there are so many different things to see and do. The people come from all walks of life--from prostitutes and drug dealers, to locals having a night out, to tourists trying to soak up the Waikiki night life. The vendor's stalls are filled with every kind of shiny object imaginable.

Zach decided to eat at a Mexican restaurant he favors. He had the veggie quesedilla. His quesedilla was very fresh and nice. It came with a side each of Spanish rice and refried beans.

I was torn. I walked around and looked at all the food places, but nothing sounded great. Finally I ran over to 7-Eleven and bought a Char Siu Manapua and a bottle of soda.

The Manapua was perfect! The bun was nicely steamed but not soggy (I hate that!). It had nice flavor, and the Char Siu was really good. I enjoyed it very much. For dessert I had a small dish of vanilla Dolewhip.

We sat and digested for a little while, and then headed home. For a 7-Eleven meal, it was quite satisfying.


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