Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My new toy--thanks George!

Last week I opened my mailbox and found a Macy's sale flier. It featured an ad for a kitchen appliance that I have (I'm sorry, I can be a kitchen snob) scoffed at in the past--the George Forman Grill. I don't know why it caught my eye. I can only think that I was either
1. caught at a weak, hungry moment, or
2. needing to buy something (anything) with my Macy's card.

Whatever the reason, I went to the downtown Macy's the next day and took a look. The price certainly was right, so I bought the thing! I was sceptical. I took it home and read the manual with a leery but open mind. I put together the fixins for a grilled cheese and tuna sandwich and followed the instructions.

Wonderful! The sandwich was perfectly grilled and rather panini-like! Encouraged, I grilled a salmon filet for the following evening's dinner. Yummy! Perfectly cooked, yet moist and flaky.

I am a convert. I have been using that darn grill almost everyday for a week, and the first blush of love has yet to wear off. The grill has its faults, admittedly. It is small, which is fine for someone like me--I cook in fairly small batches, but takes up a lot of room on the counter. It cleans up easily, though, and is aesthetically pleasing, so the pluses and minuses balance each other out.

I'm eager to try the grill on steaks and fattier cuts of meat to see if fat draining feature works. Like any enamoured lover, I am confident that it will stand the test.

Thanks George!


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