Thursday, October 13, 2005

Taking the plunge--my new cookbook

Today I did something very unusual for me--I bought a new cookbook. New. Not secondhand. This is unusual because, as a librarian, I always favor using library books if I can possibly help it. And I'm cheap.
I have been scouring my little collection of cookbooks lately, finally realizing that I have very few decent seafood recipes. This is rather shameful for a person who loves seafood of all types and eats it regularly.
Like a good librarian I went to the library first and figured out which book I wanted. I then went to Bestsellers and took the plunge. From Sea to Shining Sea: The Great American Seafood Cookbook by Susan Herrmann Loomis is a recipe-packed and informative book that includes recipes from all over America. Loomis obviously loves seafood and she lovingly presents the information clearly and succinctly, with lots of illustrations and nice instructions for those who might not be familiar with some of the techniques of seafood handling.


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