Friday, November 11, 2005

Aloha Friday Cookery Book Review

Poet of the Appetites: The lives and loves of MFK Fisher
by Joan Reardon

In this biography, Reardon sifts through the half-truths and outright lies in MFK Fisher's depiction of her own life to find some truth and closure for Fisher fans. Fisher was notorious for keeping her life in a veil of shadow while seeming to bare all, and she was not above changing the "facts" to make a better story.

I am a big admirer of Fisher, and enjoyed this biography, though much of it is old stuff fleshed out a bit. Reardon presents perspectives from the people closest to Fisher (her sisters, nephew, children) and from acquaintances with unique view points. Overall I think that it is a well-written, lovingly-rendered, and well-itentioned work, but I wondered throughout what Fisher would have thought of it, and I felt ever-so-slightly dirty reading what I know she would have considered a deep invasion of her fiercely guarded privacy.


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