Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bale Sandwich Shop

Although I mostly work in Kaneohe (a neighborhood a few miles out of Downtown Honolulu), I spend at least one day a week at our downtown branch. Usually I eat sushi when I'm downtown, but this week I felt like having something different. I wandered around Fort Street for a while, browsing the myriad of restaurants, before deciding to stop at Bale Sandwich shop. Bale is a chain restaurant of which there are many in Honolulu. It is sort of French/Vietnamese and has really, really good bread and lots of different kinds of sandwiches.

On this day I settled on the Summer rolls. I got two rolls and a can of soda for a little more than four dollars.

For those of you who are not familiar with summer rolls, they are rather like spring (aka "egg") rolls except that they are not fried. They are made up of various vegetables and sometimes meats wrapped in rice paper. Bale's version is filled with mung bean sprouts, lettuce, a little mint, vermicelli noodles, and shrimp. They come with a peanut dipping sauce and a little hot sauce.
This is a really light yet satisfying meal. The dipping sauce is rather heavy, but it comes on the side so you can have as much or as little as you want. All-in-all I was very pleased with my choice and will probably return for more one of these days!

Ambience **
Service **
Food **
Value ***

Bale Sandwich Shop
1154 Fort Street Mall


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