Monday, November 07, 2005

The Fig Bar Debacle--an utter failure

This weekend I decided to make a new dessert, so I dug up a recipe for fig bars in Cooking Light magazine and proceeded to put it together. It is a fairly simple recipe with a pastry crust, a fig layer, and a cream cheese layer. The trouble began with the crust. I had a feeling that the recipe called for too little butter, and was disturbed to find that it was very grainy. I continued anyway, and put together the fig layer. This was quite easy and turned out well. Unfortunately, I made a mistake with the pan, choosing one that was too big. By the time I realized that the fig was spreading too thin, it was too late. I soldiered on and put together the cream cheese layer.

By the time the thing was ready for the oven I knew that it would be a failure because it was all spread way to thin. I put it in the oven and watched it cook, despairing when the edges got too done but the center failed to brown properly.

The final result was extremely disappointing. The crust was quite awful, though the other layers were ok. I felt like a culinary failure by the end of it all, and went to bed.

I had planned to sweep this episode under the rug and try to forget and move on, but I decided that I should be as willing to share my failures as my successes. To redeem myself, I baked a cake the next day, and it was beautiful. So there!


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