Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pae Thai

On Wednesday night Zach and I ate dinner at Pae Thai, which is our favorite Thai restaurant. We arrived at 5p--just as they were opening for the dinner shift--and were the only people there for most of the time. We knew just what we wanted, and ordered immediately. Zach and I shared green chicken curry and sticky rice, and Zach had an order of vegetarian spring rolls. We also wanted Jasmine tea, but they were out. We settled on green tea instead.
(sorry for no pictures--I forgot to take them!)

The spring rolls arrived first. They were nice and crispy, and good--not too greasy. They came with a sweet sauce that Zach didn't much like, but I thought was good. There was also a little bowl of crushed peanuts, though we didn't use them.

The green curry was great! It was filled with eggplant and lean chicken, and the sauce was very tasty. The chicken was a little bit dry, but that is often the case with really lean meat. It had a nice flavor.
The only thing that was really disappointing was that the waiter assumed that we wanted mild sauce and we didn't notice until it was too late. It would have been better if it were medium.

For dessert I had a cup of coffee and a dish of Tapioca. The tapioca was good--not too sweet and just right after a heavy entree. It is served with palm fruit and is very light.

Pae Thai is in our neighborhood and is a nice place to go for a change from the ordinary. The prices are reasonable (our whole check was $23) and the service is friendly and efficient.

Ambience **
Service ***
Food ***
Value ***

Pae Thai
1246 S. King Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
(808) 596-8106


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