Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Star Fruit

Star Fruit (otherwise known as Carambola) is a very lovely domestic fruit (never found in the wild) of the tropical variety. It is found all over India, Southeast Asia, and most importantly, Hawaii!
There is a tree very near to my house, and part of it hangs over the road. The other day, when I was coming home from the coffee shop, I was overtaken by the need to pick one. This tree is seemingly untended and most of the fruit ends up rotting on the ground, so I didn't feel too bad (bad form, I know!). I brought it home and let it ripen a bit, which means leaving it on the counter until it goes from green to golden yellow. This morning I cut it up into neat little star shapes and brought it to work for lunch--it was lovely!
Star fruit has a flavor that resembles a cross between a sweet apple and a pear (to me at any rate) and is nice all by itself or added to fruit salads.

As an Alaskan, I find it really amazing (still, after 15 years in Hawaii) to pick fruit and eat it (berries don't count). Hawaii is a fruit lover's dream!


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