Thursday, November 17, 2005

Top of Waikiki

For our Wednesday evening out, Zach and I went to Top of Waikiki this week. Because ToW is a restaurant that I consider to be "fine dining" we have never gone, but I received a coupon for $20 dollars off of food and beverages recently, so we decided to give it a try.

We arrived for our 5p reservation and were checked in and told to wait to be called. A hostess acted as shepherdess and moved parties like sheep into the restaurant with impressive rapidity. We were soon called and led to our table.

Top of Waikiki is 20 stories above Waikiki and revolves slowly so that you get an impressive view of the city. The outlook is really spectacular! We sat and gazed out the window and waited for our waiter. Meanwhile we were served one little piece of bread each by a bus-person. The waiter soon brought our drinks menus and left us again. Service was rather slow, but the restaurant was crowded, and we weren't really in a hurry, so it didn't matter all that much. We were inclined to just order a few appetizers and decided on:

Spicy Ahi Poki Stack ($10): Raw tuna with an avacado creme and papaya vinaigrette slaw on crispy wonton wrappers. This was my favorite! The flavors were lovely and the fish was really fresh.

Coconut Shrimp ($8): Three medium sized prawns coated in a crispy coconut and macadamia nut crust with pineapple salsa and pineapple syrup. This was very good, though it was pretty skimpy for 8 bucks!

Cheese Platter ($8): Brie en croute, blackberry-pear-Merlot jam, Bleu cheese, walnuts, greens, poached pears. This was a really nice assortment. The Brie was perfect, and the jam and pears were really nice--the flavors were reminiscent of Christmas-time.

When the food arrived, we were brought Chicken Cordon Bleu instead of the cheese platter and had to send it back. It took about half an hour for the cheese platter to actually finally arrive. All around us people were being served more bread, but we were pretty much ignored with the exception of the waiter coming occasionally to tell us that the rest of our order would be up shortly. When it did come, we needed more bread for the cheese, and spent the next 15 minutes trying to flag down someone to bring a piece.

The bus person was good about taking away used plates, but the waiter was pretty lax about offering other menus, more drinks, etc.

I finally asked for the dessert menu and we decided to order the Chocolate Fondue for Two ($12). It was a dark/milk chocolate mix warmed over a candle. There were strawberries, kiwi, bananas, mandarin orange sections, and raspberry flavored spongecake croutons all on a raspberry sauce. The cake was nice--sort of crisp on the outside and soft inside. The only complaint I have about this dessert is that the fruit was sliced too thin, and was difficult to keep on the little fondue skewers.

The waiter was very quick to bring us our bill, and immediately informed us that our coupon was not good for appetizers. I was a bit annoyed by this since I was very careful to check all the fine print, and there was no mention of any such limitation. I had also printed a coupon from the restaurant's webpage for a $40 credit for our next visit, and this was ignored completely. I had that slightly un-clean, "bringin' a coupon to a posh restaurant" feeling, and didn't argue. As it happens, though, we were rather expecting to get the shaft, and were prepared to pay full price.

All in all it was a really pleasant experience, and we enjoyed ourselves. The view alone is worth the trip.

Ambience: ***
Service: *
Food: ***
Value: *

Top of Waikiki
Waikiki Business Plaza
2270 Kalakaua Avenue, Top Floor
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815
(808) 923-3877


Anonymous grant said...

OMG a Coupon...How unsavory...hehe, that sucks. Sounded like an interesting night out.

3:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We also took a coupon for $25.oo off. They turned it down.

4:33 AM  

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