Friday, December 09, 2005

Aloha Friday Cookery Book Review

Foodie Mystery Series I Like

This week, for the book review, I have decided to discuss a few food-related mystery series I like. A few weeks ago I wrote about the Gourmet Detective series, but that is certainly not the only series that involves food and cookery. Here are two more that I very much enjoy:

The Faith Fairchild Mysteries by Katherine Hall Page
Beginning with The Body in the Belfry, the Faith Fairchild mysteries follow the life and adventures of Faith Sibley Fairchild, once a big city (Manhattan) caterer who finds love with a small-town, New England minister. Faith, like most amateur detectives, has a knack for stumbling over dead bodies at every turn. The novels include recipes from Faith's cookbook-in-progress.

The Nero Wolfe Mysteries by Rex Stout
Nero Wolfe is a completely different type of detective from Faith Fairchild. Weighing in at one seventh of a ton (almost 300 pounds), Wolfe is a serious gourmand with a love of good food, copious amounts of good beer, and orchids. Immense in size and agoraphobic, Wolfe tends to stick to his very carefully maintained routine inside his New York Brownstone, sending his right-hand-man Archie Goodwin out to do the leg work (Archie also narrates). Wolfe is provided impressive meals by his cook, Fritz.

There are so many foodie-related mystery series out there that it would be impossible to track them all--it seems that people who appreciate good food tend to appreciate mystery stories too. A strange phenomenon. I hope you will stumble across a series YOU like.


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