Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas, Christmas time is near... Honolulu Chocolate Company

Well, as the Christmas season gets underway, the opportunities for new culinary experiences become almost unlimited. I have determined that the number one workplace gift is candy.
At my place of business we have received so many boxes of candy that we cannot possible eat them all. This being Hawaii, they are all filled with macadamia nuts. Hm.

I find this season to be a perfect time to indulge my own taste for premium candy, while also buying nice things for loved ones. I went to the Honolulu Chocolate Company the other day to get something sweet to adorn Zach's gift, and ended up buying a package of Gray Salt Caramels for me. They are small, rich caramels covered in dark chocolate and then sprinkled with gray sea salt. The salty and sweet tastes meld together in a most wonderful way to create a transcendent taste sensation!
Zach didn't like them. La-di-da! More for me.

The Honolulu Chocolate Company also sells chocolate covered Oreos (in milk, dark, and white), and I bought a package for Zach. He liked those, and I'll admit that they ARE nice. I realized, as I was chewing my little bite of the milk chocolate covered one that the cookie part of the Oreo is only vaguely chocolate flavored. I can't exactly place what it really is, but covering it with real chocolate adds a new dimension that is appealing. It makes a rather mundane, kiddie treat something special. Plus they come in a cute golden box.

There were so many wonderful things at The Honolulu Chocolate Company, that I was dazzled. The colors and smells and sounds are overwhelming to a candy fiend like me, and the high-end nature of the "chocolate boutique" (very expensive, but very high quality) appeals to my inner food snob. Bottom line? A wonderful place to go. I would like to live there.

The Honolulu Chocolate Company
Victoria Ward Center
1200 Ala Moana Blvd.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814


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